5 comments on “Crossing the finish line…was it as good for you as it was for me?

  1. “….sex scenes I’m so proud of I’ll make sure my mother never sees my work…” This made me laugh out loud – I totally get this bit as I am the same.

    Also struggling with the knowledge that Book 1 (as I imaginatively call it) is going to need a total re-write. I will do it, but only after I finish the much more organised and planned Book 2. I too am a pantser who has learned a lesson.

    Love, lov, love this post!

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    • Thank you! Sigh… we pantsers… it’s like the greatest love affair, all wild and passionate as the story pours from us… then we go back and read it. LOL. Ai. But we lived and learned, didn’t we? We actually planned our book 2’s 🙂 That’s progress to celebrate, right?


      • Definitely progress. I have hope – it took a writer friend five years to finish her first. I’ve been doing this a year and I’m not that far from the end of one. Of course, edits are another story *whimpers*

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